2010, Museum Aboa Vetus & Ars Nova, Turku (FIN)




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«Not to be Framed» presents outsider and contemporary folk art from Finland and Europe. It is a kind of art that has been seen more and more in exhibitions over recent years. This art is challenging to define using traditional art terms, and it is not even necessary to find a terminology to cover it all. The artists and their works challenge the museum to ask itself questions that won't have exact answers: Should art be defined? What kind of artists are brought to view? What kind of art is considered as important? The first floor shows Finnish contemporary folk art. The selection is served by artist Erkki Pirtola, who has for a long time observed and documented Finnish folk artists and their work. The Finnish artists are Tyko Elo, Esa Hocksell, Olli Hopia, Enni Id, Alpo Koivumäki, Liisa Kuoppala, Petri Martikainen, Kirsti Mäki, Ritva Nurmi, Erkki Pekkarinen, Jorma Pihl, Maija Saksman, Ilmari Salminen, Helinä Savonen, Johannes Setälä, Seppo Suomensyrjä, Tuija Teiska, Teemu Tuonela, Samuli Turtiainen, Jussi Tukiainen, Tixa and Vesa Väänänen. On the second floor the work of self-taught artists is viewed from a European perspective: works from two Swiss collections specialised in outsider-art are on show here. On the 2nd floor originality and unique ways of seeing and using materials can also be examined through the works of Danish Henry Heerup. This artist was a member of the famous Cobra group and his own living environment was filled with making art. In between the themes mentioned above attempts are made to clarify the many-faceted terminology connected with different kinds of marginal art. Besides Heerup the other European artists are Martine Copenaut (Belgium), Paul Duhem (Belgium), John Elsas (Germany), Martha Grunenwaldt (Belgium), Marian Koopen (Netherlands), Helmut Nimczewski (Germany), Evert Panis (Netherlands), Marco Raugei (Italy), Alain Signori (France), Kata Smolenicky (Switzerlandi) and Oswald Tschirtner (Austria).